Art for Oneself: Curated by Chin Ya-Chun

2 - 31 August 2014 TKG+

TKG+ is pleased to present Art for Oneself from August 2 to August 31. Curated by Chin Ya-Chun, this exhibition displays a collection of new works by 11 artists: WANG TE-YU, B.J. CHU, TU WEI, LEE Jihong, Lin Kun Ying, Kao Chung Li, CHEN WAN-JEN, Huang yen ying, Tung Fu-chi, Liao Chien Chung, and LAI CHIH-SHENG.


What drove her to organize this exhibition, Chin says in her curatorial statement, was an urge to do a show together with the artists who have deeply moved her with their ideas or works. As she was unable to find a suitable statement to categorize all of these artists, or to come up with an exhibition proposal interesting to all of them, she came to name the exhibition Art for Oneself. This exhibition title, as a proposal to the participating artists, suggests that the artists only need to focus on what they care about in this particular exhibition. As a statement to the viewer, the exhibition title becomes an invitation to appreciate the works on display as they are.


During the time when Chin was debating on “Art for Oneself” as the exhibition title, she realized that the phrase was ambiguous. However, she does think the phrase is true to her original intention to hold the exhibition, and the main reason to keep it as the exhibition title is that when the individual ideas of these artists materialize at the venue, the title will seem like a question that they are answering with their “art for oneself.”