Watch Time Watching: Kao Chung Li Solo Exhibition

4 - 26 September 2010 TKG+

First of all, this exhibition re-started the precedents of film – slides, mobile image devices, the so-called Montage in films and animations, and adapts them to the production of slideshows. For instance: the in-built editing techniques of 8mm or digital video camera (on is trim, off is combine), or using digital camera to process minimum editing on the photographed materials to discover even more vibrant time differences. Such as when placing those images captured by 135 half frame cameras into full frame mount, and the accidental combination of the imageries from photography and the choice of mounting. Hence when using 135 full frame camera to photograph, and continue to use full frame mounts, such inconsistency to the old habit, instead of obeying the frame sizes when mounting, and choosing the adjacent prior or posterior frame, then to cut off the right or left half before mounting, the captured images of different moment will appear together and create a time contortion that is simultaneous yet sequencing. Furthermore, with translucent toys, insect wings, wrapping paper, garbage, and unknown slides, and omitting optical procedures i.e. photography and film processing, to preserve the dust and collage on the objects. Especially, it includes the Paper-play Slides that are developed from paper theater by the sophists of the early sound film period.


Apart from these visible, specialized visual texts there are also written sound texts. These texts are subjective, objective, and in a self reflecting relationship, attempting to endow time to history, politics, within island, global issues, or criticism and emotion of family and teacher, to slowing tell the stories, to "Watch Time Watching."