Vision2: The Future that Encompasses the Past - An Art Exchange Program between China and Taiwan: Curated by Feng Boyi

1 May 2010 TKG+

Vision2: The Future that Encompasses the PastAn Art Exchange Program between China and Taiwan, organized by Tina Keng Gallery and curated by Feng Boyi, will be holding an opening reception on May 1st. This exhibition has been planned especially in accordance with the unique qualities of Tina Keng Gallery’s new exhibition space, and to carry out a themed, experimental project. It gathers works by ten artists from China and Taiwan, including Jing Kewen, Jiang Zhi, Wang Tiantian, Lin Zhang, Zhang Xiaotao, Chen Jing-yuan, Hou I-ting, Hai-Hsin Huang, Sam Su, Cheng-Ta Yu


The term “Vision2” refers to an eye with two pupils. This meaning is extended to refer to the penetrating insight of artists who attempt to view the past, present, and future of cross-strait phenomena (within the “Future that Encompasses the Past” framework) and to express them with the visual vocabulary of multimedia techniques and multiple image methods. It suggests the two sides at once looking at each other and looking at themselves.


The present exhibition therefore attempts to use the “double pupil” perspective of artists on both sides of the Strait to link cross-strait realities with their own individual growth processes and memories. It shows how changes in society influence personal life and artistic creation. It conducts an artistic exchange of expression on a “Future that Encompasses the Past,” and to a certain degree a consensus is achieved. Perhaps one can say that all those of us who participate in the exhibition are equipped with the physical conditions of those ancient men with double pupils. It seems that we don’t need to be great and unusual persons in order to see through the internal relationship across the Strait and give it an artistic transformation. This is also one of the basic purposes of this “Art Exchange Program between China and Taiwan”. Perhaps we must use our “double pupils” continuously before we can gain, unexpectedly, the possibility of true, meaningful, enhanced understanding and exchange.