1 - 27 November 2009 TKG+
With “R/evolution,” the Tina Keng Gallery wishes to review the role of the art market and of Chinese art history over the past 20 years. Modern Chinese art is the field in which Tina Keng has the most expertise. The exhibition features three generations of Chinese artists, and reflects not only on her twenty years of gallery work, but also on the development of and changes in the art market during this period. By reviewing the past, the Tina Keng Gallery wishes to evaluate and reaffirm, as well as set the tone for the future of the Tina Keng Gallery with our past achievements.
With the brand new Tina Keng Gallery, the most notable change is in its space and hardware. Apart from the existing address at Dun-Hua South Road, we have found a space in the new Neihu area of Taipei City with a floor space of 350 ping and a height of 7 m. In terms of space and facilities, it perfectly suits the needs of a contemporary art gallery. Sculptures, installations, and large-scale works can be displayed here to optimal effect. Moreover, we plan to make more flexible use of this space. Cross-disciplinary fashion shows, performing arts programs, and even academic seminars are all under consideration.