Towards Mysterious Realities — Asia, the Cold War and Transitopia: Curated by Amy CHENG

10 December 2016 - 26 January 2017 TKG+, TKG+ Projects

Co-organized by TheCube Project Space and TKG Foundation for Arts & Culture and curated by Amy CHENG, the exhibition Towards Mysterious Realities will take place at TKG+ in Taipei, Taiwan from December 10, 2016 to January 26, 2017. 


Towards Mysterious Realities is an exhibition aiming to encourage profound reflection on Asia’s relation to the world. A majority of the thirteen invited artists/collectives are from Asia. They not only add multiple intersected or parallel dimensions to this exhibition through their concerns over specific pieces of history and life experiences, but also attempt to construct or discover the relationships between historical contexts and our day-to-day survival from different perspectives. Specifically speaking, they make observations either from different geographical locations synchronously, or from the same location at different time courses. Both personal experiences and collective consciousness are linked with different historical trajectories charted by the vicissitudinary political and social forces. They may appear as grand as the rise of modern national consciousness or the re-demarcation of Lebensraum, and also as subtle as personal life stories or family history. The clashes of these unique historical trajectories demonstrate a pluralistic, multi-level, and intertwined configuration. On top of that, this exhibition is particularly concerned with the unsettling Cold War experiences throughout the second half of the 20th century, seeking to examine how the previous head-on confrontations over ideologies and values, which have been ignored or consigned to oblivion, lurk in our quotidian existence in a transcendent manner. Furthermore, this exhibition expects such a historical experience stretching back generations to serve as one of major pivotal points for profound reflections ─ rather than to bring about a hasty conclusion ─ wherefrom we can map out alternative routes to grasp and re-narrate realities.