7 December 2019 - 22 January 2020 TKG+


7 DECEMBER 2019 - 22 JANUARY 2020



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TKG 1F & 2F, No.15, Ln. 548, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei 114, Taiwan



The “+” symbol in TKGsignifies an innovative vision born of but differentiated from that of the Tina Keng Gallery, with the purpose of shaping a cultural context that uniquely defines Taiwanese contemporary art, with its roots in Asian modern and contemporary art. Founded in 2009, TKG+has championed intriguing, emerging Taiwanese and Asian artists in the region for the past decade, thanks largely to the constant support of our artists and collectors. Together we have plumbed the depths of contemporary art practice and seen the possibilities therein. The presentation at the gallery betokens a chance to explore art’s varying facets, spotlighted on a platform that honors diverse perspectives.

PLUS Xis an extension of the “Plus”exhibition series at TKG+. Just as the “+”symbol suggests, the “Plus”series traverses new artistic terrains by breaking the shackles of conventional structure. In its trailblazing effort, the series foregrounds art’s intrinsic value, allowing a commercial galleryto stretch its resources beyond the market system and venture deeper into the landscape of aesthetics, shedding light on how contemporary art is perceived. Operating on the goal to sustain in the market economy, ten years is long enough for a commercial gallery to find its voice. Looking back on the events that have occurred in this pluralistic space through the works of 13 represented artists, PLUS Xillustrates the artists’concerns that coalesce into a portrait of TKG+set against Taiwan’s contemporary art scene.

The past decade has seen TKG+forging ahead and contemporary art presentation morphing into a mature mechanism. Contemporary aesthetic practice is an organic process that will see the gallery and the presentation of contemporary art continue to evolve. The foretaste of the future comes to viewers nonetheless, as TKG+looks back on its past with PLUS X as a milestone on a journey that spans more decades and reaches no end.